How To Get Rid of Diabetes




Diabetes mellitus is dangerous. It is one of the many degenerative diseases that account for most deaths in the sub-sahara region especially Nigeria.

According to the minister of Health Professor Isaac Adewale, out the over 15 millions cases of diabetes in Sub-sahara Africa, Nigeria contributes 1/3 of all cases making it the top on the list of countries with highest mortality rate for diabetes mellitus.

According to the Minister, 80 percent of its victims die of cardiovascular complications ranging from stroke, myocardial infarction and kidney failure to foot gangrene, one in every 11 adults had diabetes and up to half of these were not diagnosed.

He went on to note that Every year, there are five million death as a result of diabetes and lots of people are amputated daily as a result of diabetes.

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The Good New Here is that, Finally, you can eradicate this degenerative disease out of your life and avoid amputation and other complications!

Are You Tired Of Running From One Treatment House To Another IN search Of Solution To Your Diabetic Challenge?

Have You Been Told There Is No Cure Or Remedy For Diabetes Mellitus?

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The Natural Remedies For Diabetes.


Our 5 In 1 diabetic kits has been specifically Formulated by some world-renowned scientists from Cornell University in the USA, China Institute of drugs and Bio-products and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute to tackle cases of diabetes and its complications.


How does Green World 5 in 1 Diabetic Kits Work To regulate blood sugar level?

It improves circulation of the collateral branch and reallocation of the bloodstream, regulates microcirculation and metabolism of the pancreas, so as to normalize the physiological function of the diseased pancreas tissue.

It reduces the blood sugar, eliminates symptoms of diabetes, restores the function of the Insulin, improves normal secretion of the insulin cell, activates histiocyte, and resumes receptors’ sensitivity to insulin cytosine. Meanwhile, it is particularly effective in diabetes complications.

It regulates incretion, metabolism of carbohydrate and central nervous system, eliminates “self-immunoreactions” causing diabetes so as to be good for the restoration of the function of insulin cells.



High Blood Sugar OR Diabetes, How It Starts!

The glucose of certain concentration in the body is called blood sugar, which provides energy for our daily activity. The concentration of the glucose in the blood increases after taking food.

The glucose enters the cell to participate in a series of biochemistry reaction and the provide energy for human activity under the action of the insulin.

When there is a shortage of insulin in the body, or the body cells develop resistance towards insulin or target tissue cell’s sensitivity to the insulin declines, the glucose cannot enter the cell normally to metabolize.

This causes the abnormal increase of the glucose concentration and then diabetes.

Diabetes and its complications.

After the incidence of diabetes, a series of turbulence of sugar, protein, fat, water and electrolyte happen. A large amount of glucose is discharged through urine(Known also as hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, high and low glucose).

At the same time, there are symptoms such as:

excessive drinking,

urination and eating,

severe weight loss,

dizzy and fatigue.



If not controlled, severe acute or chronic complication throughout the body will be aroused. A chronic complication may happen to the eyes(retinopathy), kidneys(renal disease), nerve, skin, blood vessel and heart(Cardiovascular disease).

Finally, blindness, lower limbs gangrene, uremia, brain stroke and cardiac infarction happen, which endangers human beings health seriously.

Are These Products Approved By NAFDAC?

Greenworldworld 5 In 1 is globally approved in more than 200 countries including NAFDAC in Nigeria, FDA of the USA, South African Health Products Regulatory Authority SAHPRA.

Also, the Products are manufactured in state of the art facility with approval from FDA, GMP, GAP, HALAL and a certification in HACCP. So you see, you are consuming the very best of products.

natural remedy for diabetes


And When You Take This Powerful 5 In 1 Diabetic Kits, The Result Will be simply Amazing.



Here Is What This Best Natural Remedies For Diabetes Will Do For You:

  • Lowers Blood Sugar Level by increasing pancreatic hormone receptors in response to the specific hormones.

  • Regulate incretion and metabolism of glucose in the body.

  • Improves secretion of the pancreatic hormone by the pancreas.

  • Eliminates symptoms of diabetes and its complications.

  • Improves normal secretion of the pancreatic hormone cell.



Normally The regular Price For This Product is N66,500.


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Now Look At What Others Are Saying:

Although I am not a fan of throwing testimonials from happy customers around just to make you believe, for the purpose of this post, I am compelled to share with a few of the testimonies I received from satisfied users of our 5 In 1 diabetic kit.

From Madam Grace From Aboh Mbiese, Imos state:

Thank you very much mr Clems. Your product was a life saver to me as I started seeing result from the first week of taking your diabetic kit. I no longer feel the way I used to feel again and my sugar level has drastically dropped and the wound which before then refused to go has now dried up. I have since introduced you to some of the people I know who suffer from the same thing. Thanks once again.

Another happy user here in Abuja, Abdulrazeed Issah:

I was told there is no cure for my diabetes and I concluded I was going to suffer till I die but after taking your 5 In 1 Diabetic kit, I have regain my weight and my sugar levels has dropped, also I no longer have to visit the bathroom countless times in the night like before and I generally feel a new level of energy and excitement. Thank you very much, Clems.


And Bola from Iyapaja, Lagos has this to say:

Hi, I am happy I made the decision to buy your 5 In 1 diabetic kit even though I was on a very low budget. What I can say about your product is, Simply Awesome! I have been struggling with type 11 diabetes for seven years and was placed on insulin injector and metformin oral but after finishing the 5 In 1 Kit, I can feel my energy has returned and my sugar level dropped.

And from an Anonymous in Kubwa, Abuja comes this one:

I have tried many solution both orthodox and herbal medications but the more I tried, the worse my case grow but after using your 5 In 1 Kit, I started seeing the effect within the first 4 days , people told me not to be overly happy yet, but after using this product for 21 days now, I feel I should share the story of my amazing transformation for whosoever will to hear. 5 In 1 diabetic kit is nothing short of a magic, it works like magic. Thanks-Anonymous.

Mrs. Amadi, a Port Harcourt Mother of 5 who is 43 years old sent in this one:

Your 5 In 1 diabetic kit looks promising, I have been using it for 16 days now and for the first time in 4 years, my blood pressure has stabilized and my blood sugar read is relatively stable plus I don’t have to take to the bathroom every now and then in the night. My energy level has increased and my swollen legs are drying up. Thanks  so much.

Abdul Sarkin Tofa from Birni Kebbi has this to say:

Diabetic 5 In 1 kit works very well. I doubted this before because of previous experience with other herbal products but after using this one, I can boldly recommend it to everybody suffering from diabetes.


That’s few out of the many amazing positive reviews from satisfied users, you could be the next to testify. These products are specifically formulated to deal with diabetes and its complications. It doesn’t matter whether you have tried other brands of herbal, try our products and you will come back testifying.



Q.What Is The Side Effect Of These Products?

Ans. These Products are purely natural and have no known side effects. They are Approved by NAFDAC in Nigerian and other international regulatory bodies like FDA of USA. However, some people experience an increased in bathroom visit especially the first few days of using this product. But that’s just that, nothing abnormal about it.

Q. Can I Pick Up Just Two Or Three Of This Product Given The Cost Involved?

Ans. We advise you pick up the whole pack for a maximum result as each of the product on the list works to complement the effort of the other. Example while Glucoblock is specifically formulated for diabetes and its complication, chitosan, on the other hand, will help handle other aspects like high lipid level, increase the activity of the insulin in addition to decreasing the sugar levels in the blood. So, you see, even though three of the five product can give you a fair result, it is, however, better to go for the whole pack.

Q. Do I have To Keep Using These Products Always?

Ans. A one time intake of this diabetic kit might be all you need especially those at the early stage of diabetes but if you have 2-5 years or more of diabetes, you might have to take a second dose. The good thing here is, you will surely see a result that will blow your mind away.

Q.How Do I Take The Product/What Is The Proper Dosage?

Ans. For an Effective result, this is the order of taking the products:


2capsules once daily for glucoblock preferably in the evening.

get ride of diabetes naturally

2capsules each time twice daily for Garlic capsules.

2capsules each time twice a day for chitosan-Chitosan should be taken at the different time from other products, like two hours after other products. In the evening, chitosan should be taken the last thing before retiring to bed.

get rid of diabetes naturally

2 capsules once daily for Zinc, preferably morning time(chewable).

get rid of diabetes naturally


Balsam Pear tea should be taken like Lipton, the tea bag should be allowed to stay in a very hot water for 10-15 minutes then allowed to cool down a little bit before taken to prevent burning your lips. It can be taken two times a day.


Q. Do I have To Make Payment Before Delivery?

Ans. No, you only pay when you have seen your products to the delivery man.

Q. Do I have To Call You Before Placing My Order?

Ans. No, you don’t have to call before placing your order, except if you choose to. Just Follow the Below To Place Your Order.



OPTIONS #1, Pay On Delivery: You will only pay when this product has been delivered to you physically by our courier company




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Delivery Process-Once we receive your text message, our agent will get back to you by call or text to confirm your order.

The product will be delivered to you anywhere you are within 2-7 days after our agent replied you.


  • N.B-1) Be very sure you have concluded to order these products before sending us your details.

  • 2) Be sure you will be cash ready when our delivery man contacts you to make the delivery.

  • 3) Be very sure you will be readily available to receive your package at the address you sent to us or you have someone to receive on your behalf.

If you have any question about this offer outside the information given on this page already, kindly put a call to 07036753010.


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NB: Needless I tell you that diabetes, both type 1 and type 11 are dangerous.  Now here are the main reasons why it’s important you take this 5 in 1 diabetic kit.

Unmanaged and untreated diabetes can make you go blind or lose a limb.

It can cause your kidneys to fail or trigger a heart attack or stroke.

In the worst cases, diabetes can kill you.

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To your diabetes-Free life,

Clems T.